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It is well known that koalas are much loved and are considered an iconic Australian species.

When Koalas are born, they are only 2 centimetres long, which is about as big as a jellybean! And they sleep between 18-22 hours each day!

Where do they live?

Koalas can be found across Australia within a range of different areas. It depends on what areas are dominated by various kinds of Eucalyptus trees, their favourite food! unfortunately in NSW they are vulnerable so are only found in specific areas. Key populations are NSW’s North Coast, Mid North Coast and South Western Sydney.

Tell me about their history

The Koala was once common throughout forests and woodlands extending from north Queensland to the south-eastern corner of mainland South Australia. Now, due habitat loss is now the greatest threat to Koalas. The main reasons for this are land clearing, bushfires and diseases of the eucalypts which cause the trees to die. Currently koalas occur in north-eastern, central, and south eastern Queensland, eastern New South Wales as well as Victoria and south-eastern South Australia

What is putting them on the edge?

Habitat loss, disease, vehicular strikes

What is the vision for them?

Saving our Species and other government agencies as well as non-government organisations are all working to address the key threats to koalas, stabilising koala numbers in key populations, and maintaining the genetic diversity of koalas across NSW. The Koala Care Centre located in Lismore, is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing koalas which plays and integral part of the koala population in the Northern River Region of NSW. They also work hard on habitat restoration and almost entirely ran by a group of passionate volunteers. Further funding would immensely help the Care Centre engage a part time vet nurse which would drastically help rehabilitate and release more koalas into the wild.

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Who is doing the work?

Friends of the Koala Care Centre in Lismore

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Get involved with volunteering. Contact Friends of the Koala

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John Turbill/DPIE

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