Help Native Wildlife by Putting Yourself on the Edge
Edge Pledge is a challenge-based fundraising platform which puts people on the edge to raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction.
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Claire Hooper is Coral from the Great Barrier Reef
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Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews

Threatened species commissioner andrews' pledge

Hi Everyone. I want to raise funding for Grey nurse sharks which are critically endangered. And I also want to grow the pot of funding for threatened species recovery. We all have a role to play fighting extinction. So I want Edge Pledge to take off as a new crowd-funding mechanism for Australia's endangered animals and plants. Please support me by voting for one of my challenges.

$1,289 raised
Isaac Busuttil

Isaac’s pledge

I'm willing to put myself on the edge for the White Lemuroid Ringtail Possum as they are truly on the edge with only 4 left in the wild. Please support me!

$550 raised
Gossling  C

Gossling’s pledge

I'm going to either 1) Do a stand up comedy routine 2) Record a rap song about the extinction crisis 3) Record three Nickelback covers

$410 raised
Rachel Lowry

Rachel’s pledge

In an effort to raise awareness and funds to support Australia's rarest frog, I'm joining the edge pledge challenge. That means, when you make a donation, you get to vote for whether I give up chocolate for a month (it's well known I eat chocolate 3 times daily), dye my hair brunette or wear a matching tracksuit and slippers to work for a day. Please do help me support this great cause!

$640 raised
Damian Callinan

Damian callinan’s pledge

Did you know female eastern quolls have a 21 day gestation period & will only mate if listening to 80's Australian Pub Rock? Let's save them while we still can.

$175 raised
Tommy Little

Tommy little’s pledge

Hey everyone, I'm putting myself on the edge to improve the Quoll-ity of life for the Eastern Quoll. They're on the edge of extinction! So tell me - would you rather see the Weapon kiss a snake, ride a horse blindfolded or complete the world's highest commercial abseil?

$242 raised
Many Australians may be unaware that despite the efforts of communities, researchers, businesses and governments, Australia is the global leader in species extinction. 31% of Australia’s mammals and 14% of Australia’s birds are extinct or critically threatened.

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