2017 Season Launches August 12!
Help Native Wildlife by Putting Yourself on the Edge
Edge Pledge is a challenge-based fundraising platform which puts people on the edge to raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction.
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Second Challenge Season Launch | Sam Marwood Co-Founder

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Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews

Threatened species commissioner andrews' pledge

Hi Everyone. I want to raise funding for Grey nurse sharks which are critically endangered. And I also want to grow the pot of funding for threatened species recovery. We all have a role to play fighting extinction. So I want Edge Pledge to take off as a new crowd-funding mechanism for Australia's endangered animals and plants. Please support me by voting for one of my challenges.

$2,949 raised
Yue Chin Chew

Yue chin chew’s pledge

Calling all Earthlings to help me help mantas out: I'll cycle to work dressed as a manta, photograph sunrises helluva early, or do a sea-themed cover of a Ray Charles tune.

$4,610 raised
Paul Mervin

Paul mervin’s pledge

I am passionate about Eastern Quolls. To support Mt Rothwell and to help raise the much needed funds required to save this species, I will shave my head and bleach Eastern Quoll spots all over it. I last visited the hairdresser when I was 17, I am now 47 so it's kind of a big deal. Or, I could do one of the other easier things, but please vote, please donate and help me save Quolls!

$1,790 raised
Isaac Busuttil

Isaac busuttil’s pledge

This year I'll be giving a helping hand to the Flatback Sea Turtle. They are one of the most critically endangered animals on the planet! Please support me by helping me raise money and awareness.

$80 raised
Sam Marwood

Sam marwood’s pledge

I’m going to either make a home-version of a play school episode, learn to ride a unicycle or record an album worth of songs. Please support me.

$270 raised
Zara Bending

Zara bending’s pledge

I pledge to skydive, complete the 'tough mudder' run, or integrate edible insects into my diet for a week. Push me to the edge and support the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.

$1,240 raised
Many Australians may be unaware that despite the efforts of communities, researchers, businesses and governments, Australia is the global leader in species extinction. 31% of Australia’s mammals and 14% of Australia’s birds are extinct or critically threatened.

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