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I pledge to skydive, complete the 'tough mudder' run, or integrate edible insects into my diet for a week. Push me to the edge and support the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.

Bug Out

Creepy, crawly...crunchy? I won't be using branches to go termite-fishing (as discovered by Dr Jane) but this is as close as I'll get. Your chance to get me to road test a different insect snack every day for one week and report back.

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Get me to the edge and then push me right off! Fortunately I'll be strapped to someone with a parachute. For someone who still has issues with the occasional escalator, this is me going out on a limb and then some.

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Tough Mudder

'...perfect mix of muddy flats, rocky passes and thick shrub'- sounds like ranger territory. Donate here to make me take on the treacherous 'Tough Mudder' run in November 2017 for my first (and likely last) attempt.

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Jasmine gave $20 and voted for Tough Mudder
“Nothing like a bit of mud and ice-laden water... :P”
Kenneth Salazar gave $20 and voted for Tough Mudder
Sam Marwood
Sam Marwood gave $10 and voted for Skydive
“I'm too scared to do sky dive, but you'll no doubt love it in the end Zara”
Melita Bending gave $1,000 and voted for Tough Mudder