Put your boss on the edge for World Environment Day
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Support World Environment Day on Tuesday 5 June 2018 by helping restore habitats for Aussie wildlife!

Landcare has partnered with us to offer you an opportunity to pick a fun challenge for your boss, colleague, friend – or even yourself – and put them over the edge: all in the name of our natural environment and Aussie wildlife.

As usual, our mates in the Australian Landcare community are finding more ways to reverse the damage already done.

How it works:

  • Ask your boss, colleague, friend – or even yourself – to agree to take on a challenge
  • Help them pick three challenges they’re willing to do
  • Encourage colleagues and friends to vote
  • Raise funds for the wildlife project you have chosen
  • Film your boss, or yourself, putting themselves on the edge and share the joy together!
Edge Pledge is a challenge-based fundraising platform which puts people on the edge to raise money for wildlife.
Pick three challenges
Create a pledge by choosing three challenges
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Your friends decide
Raise money when your supporters vote for a challenge
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Complete the most popular challenge as voted by your supporters
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