Edge Pledge and Your Workplace

How to use Edge Pledge to bring wildlife back from the brink

Challenge your CEO to clean out the crocodile exhibit at the zoo, walk on hot coals or deliver the company update in a wacky costume.

Edge Pledge fits perfectly into the workplace. We would love to talk to any organisation who wants an easy, free and fun employee engagement opportunity.

We are a great way to increase employee engagement while helping native animals.

What’s in it for your company?

This socially focused concept is designed to help organisations increase employee engagement and communication amongst teams, strengthen team camaraderie, increase staff morale and deliver strong CSR results.

As Edge Pledge is entirely online, it makes implementation easy and stress-free. Once you introduce Edge Pledge to your staff, and we at Edge Pledge set up your very own company page, they simply:

  • Follow a link to the Edge Pledge website to sign-up.
  • Select their three dares.
  • Share their pledge with colleagues and start garnering support.
  • Complete the pledge – easy!
I'm interested in hearing more, what's next?

Please send an email to Sam Marwood (Managing Director, sam@edgepledge.com) for a corporate pack that explains more about Edge Pledge and how companies can get involved.