How Edge Pledge Works

How to use Edge Pledge to bring wildlife back from the brink

What is Edge Pledge?

Edge Pledge allows people to raise money for endangered wildlife by pledging to complete the most popular of three challenges, as voted by their friends, family and supporters.

Funds raised support practical projects assisting wildlife on the brink of extinction, delivered by our environmental partners.

Who is Edge Pledge?

Edge Pledge is a social enterprise which puts people ‘on the edge’ to raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction.

We exist to create a world­wide social movement that connects people and makes them a part of an enduring environmental transformation.

Our world-first challenge generator finds three unique challenges for every Edge Pledge participant. Together, these three challenges form a pledge, allowing everyone's family and friends to vote for the challenge they want to see happen by donating money to a threatened species.

Your donations support wildlife projects which are run by our amazing environmental partners.

The team
Sam Marwood

Sam Marwood, founder and Managing Director

Environmental scientist, entrepreneur and funny man, Sam Marwood has dedicated his career to making a difference for the environment. Sam has over 12 years experience in making policy, planning and supporting the management of Victoria’s natural environment. He came up with the concept for Edge Pledge after many years of observing that the funds we need for all environmental solutions are not available.

Carys Evans

Carys Evans, co-founder and Operations Director

Carys is an environmental scientist and has over 10 years’ experience in environmental policy and management for the Victorian Government. Carys is excited about Edge Pledge as a totally new way for people to get involved in supporting wildlife.

Daniel Eason

Daniel Eason, co-founder and Financial Director

Dan Eason is a Senior Manager for Pitcher Partners and has over 10 years’ experience in the Business Advisory and Assurance areas, specialising in accounting, business advisory and audit. Dan is a person with strong values and is excited by the potential of Edge Pledge to make a real difference for our environment.

Nadia Nath

Nadia Nath, co-founder and Director of Marketing and Brand

Nadia has a diverse background in politics, marketing, fine art and business in a combination which means she is always on the lookout for ways to simplify and inspire.

Frequently asked questions

Where does the money go?

Your money supports practical projects assisting wildlife on the brink of extinction.

These projects are delivered by our environmental organisations partners. We don't duplicate the work that these great organisations do. Instead, we want to fill what is an enormous gap — a source of regular, sustainable funding.

We support projects that our partners are already delivering. We also have a prioritisation process to ensure we support a great mix of projects across Australia. Brendan Wintle from the Threatened Species Hub at the University of Melbourne advises us on the suitability of projects.

We make sure that donations are well spent, and we are accountable for every dollar. We demonstrate the benefits Edge Pledge Participants have put themselves on the edge for.

How bad are things for our wildlife?

Australia has lost 30 mammals since European settlement.

More than 1,700 species of animals and plants are listed by the Australian Government as being at risk of extinction.

Around 30% of our surviving mammal species are threatened with extinction.

There is just not enough money being spent to save our wildlife and environments.

While the Australian Government has invested $6.51 billion into environmental management between 1990 and 2013, this is a far cry from the $1 billion esteemed ecologist Hugh Possingham (University of Queensland) believes is required every year to get the balance right for animals and environments in Australia.

What do we mean by on wildlife on the brink of extinction?

This can get technical so to keep things simple we will support any native animal that is listed on any of the official threatened species lists across Australia, including the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, and the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act.

What do you mean by 'on the edge'?

When you sign up for a pledge, we want you to feel in control, pumped, passionate and purposeful.

While you might take calculated risks with your challenges, our highest priority is that you're still comfortable and having fun.

We help you do this by allowing you to set challenges for yourself — either ones we suggest or ones you create yourself. That way, you know what you're getting into. The best challenges are those that will entertain your friends, so that they will donate money to see you do them.

What sort of challenges should I chose?

We want you to be a great person when you’re on our website and preparing for, completing and celebrating your challenges. To do this, we have prepared some principles to guide you:

— We only support challenges and experiences that are life giving and positive.

— Nominate challenges unto others as you would nominate challenges unto yourself.

— Be super positive, encouraging and also know how to have a laugh.

— We don’t support, and you must not engage in or nominate, challenges that: may possibly lead to death, injury, pain or suffering; may possibly cause material harm to the environment; may possibly cause material harm to Australia’s engendered native wildlife; may possibly constitute a breach of law in any Australian state or territory; may possibly disrespect Indigenous Australians as the traditional custodians of the environment

Can I change how long my pledge runs for?

Yes. Pledges usually run for three weeks. But if your pledge is still running, and you'd like to extend it, please contact us.

Our vision

We exist to create a world­wide social movement that connects people and makes them a part of an enduring environmental transformation.

Our values


We put inspiration above all else, because truly inspired people do amazing things. We are big picture, creative thinkers who will constantly push to find new ways of doing things and help others to do the same.


We believe in the power of laughter and connection.
We laugh loud and laugh often and we want you to laugh with us.


We will strive to be the best and back our decisions with evidence and get backing from the best in the business. We are pushing the boundaries, but we run a tight ship and are open and honest about why we do what we do. We back our decisions with evidence.


We find opportunities to create positive change for people and the environment. We focus on the solutions rather than point out the problems. We make it easier for everyone to participate and close the loop by connecting them to the change they are creating.


We inspire the best in you, making you the hero and part of the team. You should feel an urge to challenge yourself, should be encouraged to challenge each other and feel comfortable and supported throughout. We want to create a long lasting community that continuously grows and maintains momentum