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Jessie Neal

Jessie’s pledge

I’m going to either perform a stand up comedy routine, wear the same outfit for a month or go to the shops and give everyone you see a high-five. Help me by voting for what I should do.

$110 raised
Nigel Jones

Nigel’s pledge

I'm going to do some stuff to know what it feels like to be a squirrel glider on the edge in the rapidly developing areas of new housing estates north of Albury. Eat only insects and nectar for 48 hours, sleep in a habitat tree, and wear a squirrel glider onesie into a cattery and get mauled by a domestic cat.

$1,000 raised
Duncan Walton

Duncan’s pledge

I’m planning to either paint 5 paintings and exhibit them, run a marathon next year or quit alcohol for 2 months. Help by voting for what I should do.

$680 raised
Jackie Courtenay

Jackie’s pledge

Please help me to help save Gilbert's Potoroo! I will either climb Bluff Knoll (highest peak in south west WA), paint 5 paintings and exhibit them or photograph the moon every night for a month.

$355 raised
Carys Evans

Carys’s pledge

Hey folks - how could I not put myself on the edge for this cute little frog? tell me, do you want to see me on a month long sugar-low, training for a half marathon or forcing myself out of bed in time for sunrise?!! The choice is YOURS! ;)

$1,415 raised
Nadia Nath

Nadia’s pledge

I am going to photograph the sunrise everyday for a month, hike the middle loop of Wilson's Prom in a day wearing a turtle suit or wear a turtle costume to work for the day. Help me save the turtles!

$880 raised
Gossling  C

Gossling’s pledge

I'm going to either 1) Do a stand up comedy routine 2) Record a rap song about the extinction crisis 3) Record three Nickelback covers

$510 raised
Daniel Eason

Daniel’s pledge

I’m going to either compete in a 24 hour race, wear a onesie to work or photograph the sunrise everyday for a month. Help by voting for what I should do.

$270 raised
Tammy Schlitz

Tammy’s pledge

I will either grow a mullet haircut, film my own home version of Play School or get my high school band 'Nanna's Merkins' back together for a gig to save the Tassie Devil. Please support me.

$350 raised
Nath Brooks

Nath’s pledge

I will either spend 24hrs handcuffed to tha bruce, go to the zoo handcuffed to tha bruce or go fishing in port Phillip bay handcuffed to tha bruce. If you know me, you will know tha Bruce. You will also understand how challenging this would be for any sane person! Please support me.

$145 raised
Isaac Busuttil

Isaac’s pledge

I'm willing to put myself on the edge for the White Lemuroid Ringtail Possum as they are truly on the edge with only 4 left in the wild. Please support me!

$810 raised
Elle Fox

Elle’s pledge

I’m planning to either wear a onesie to work, donate blood or eat a century egg. Vote now for what I should do - and help me raise some funding for Mt Rothwell and Victoria's only rock-wallaby!

$735 raised
Boof Horne

Boof’s pledge

I’m going to either live on the minimum wage for a week, make 5 YouTube tutorials on how not to parent or make a home-version of a play school episode . Vote now for what I should do.

$130 raised
Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews

Threatened species commissioner andrews' pledge

Hi Everyone. I want to raise funding for Grey nurse sharks which are critically endangered. And I also want to grow the pot of funding for threatened species recovery. We all have a role to play fighting extinction. So I want Edge Pledge to take off as a new crowd-funding mechanism for Australia's endangered animals and plants. Please support me by voting for one of my challenges.

$3,049 raised
Sam  Niedra

Sam’s pledge

I will do whichever challenge gets the most votes 1. Spend 24 hours on a canoe is Lake Sambell (Beechworth), 2. wear underpants on the outside for the day, or 3. Write, record & make public one song per week for 3 weeks. All in the name of helping Squirrel Gliders under threat in Thurgoona, on the outskirts of Albury.

$930 raised
Sam Marwood

Sam marwood’s pledge

I will either shave a bald patch in my hair, get a nose ring or sky dive in a wildlife onesie. Please support me.

$1,675 raised