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Please support me as I place my support behind the efforts of those looking to save the squirrel glider. Please vote on what activity you would like me to complete - hang gliding, photographing the sunrise everyday for a month or making a croquembourche! Thank you!!

Go hang gliding

With a somewhat semi fear of heights, and having completed both sky diving and bungee jumping, I have always wanted to tick off paragliding! Close to hang gliding, I would be completing a 20-30 minute paraglide over scenic Bright.

Make a croquembouche

It may not be edible, it may not be precise, but it will be complete!

Photograph the sunrise everyday for a month

Committing to waking before the sun, every morning for a month, with no sleep-ins, I look forward to sharing some magical shots of our beautiful planet.

Voting has closed. The winning challenge is Go hang gliding.

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Matt has pledged to complete the most popular challenge — Go hang gliding.

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Recent votes

Alan and Lisa Sharp gave $20 and voted for Make a croquembouche
“You're a great chef Matt, you'll nail it!”
Sam gave $20 and voted for Go hang gliding
Kate Stevens gave $20 and voted for Go hang gliding
“This would be an amazing experience!”