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I am passionate about Tasmania’s small mammals, many of which exist nowhere else on the planet. Help me raise funds to create new habitat for the Eastern Bettong so that it can survive, thrive and escape feral cats. I will either shave my eyebrows, bike in to work for a week or quit coffee for 3 months. You choose!

Bike in to work for a week

Quit coffee for 3 months

Shave eyebrows

Voting has closed. The winning challenge is Bike in to work for a week.

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Jonathan has raised $165

Jonathan is raising money to support the Eastern Bettong. Voting is now closed.

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Jonathan has pledged to complete the most popular challenge — Bike in to work for a week.

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This pledge supports the Eastern Bettong
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Recent votes

Michael Noble gave $10 and voted for Bike in to work for a week
“I wouldn't ask anyone to go without coffee for days let alone months, and your eyebrows suit you better on your face, so, get on your bike Jonathan!”
Gayle gave $5 and voted for Quit coffee for 3 months
“Sorry it cant be more but when i visit a place near Werribee helping breed them i learnt about them so gorgeous thank you.”
Renay Gamble gave $20 and voted for Quit coffee for 3 months
“I know this is hard Jonathan, so I had to vote for it! Good luck...”
Carys gave $30 and voted for Shave eyebrows
“No eyebrows looks hilarious!”