Jenna van Niekerk

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Together we can Save Gilbert's Potoroo from extinction. I’m going to abseil down Bluff Knoll in a potoroo onesie. Please help me Save Gilbert's Potoroo by supporting this cause.

Abseil Bluff Knoll in a Potoroo onesie

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Voting has closed. The winning challenge is Abseil Bluff Knoll in a Potoroo onesie .

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Jenna has raised $80

Jenna is raising money to support the Gilbert's Potoroo. Voting is now closed.

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Jenna has pledged to complete the most popular challenge — Abseil Bluff Knoll in a Potoroo onesie .

Save Gilbert's Potoroo

Save Gilbert's Potoroo

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Hugh Possingham gave $20 and voted for Abseil Bluff Knoll in a Potoroo onesie
Paul gave $10 and voted for Go hiking
“Good on you for helping Gilbert's potoroos !”