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Learn to make chimpanzee-themed cupcakes, have me do as many crunches (sit-ups) as you fancy or watch me fire-twirl.

Chimpanzee-themed cupcakes

I will upload a video of myself baking chimpanzee-themed cupcakes!


It's crunch-time! For every $1 raised, I will do a crunch (sit-up) and film it. $100 = 100 consecutive crunches. $1000 = 1000 consecutive crunches...I may or may not end up in hospital...


I will upload a video of myself fire-twirling and will offer a free lesson to the highest donor in this category!

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Jasmine has raised $135

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Jasmine has pledged to complete the most popular challenge — Fire-twirl.

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George Tomossy gave $20 and voted for Fire-twirl
“Looking forward to it!”
Shireen Daft gave $50 and voted for Fire-twirl
Zara Bending gave $50 and voted for Fire-twirl