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I will either donate blood, hold a huntsman or run 5km each day for a month. Help me by voting for what I should do.

Donate blood

Hold a huntsman

Run 5km each day for a month

Voting has closed. The winning challenge is Donate blood.

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Heidi has raised $100

Heidi is raising money to support the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Voting is now closed.

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Voting has finished

Heidi has pledged to complete the most popular challenge — Donate blood.

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Help Heidi raise money for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

This pledge supports the Eastern Barred Bandicoot
The bandicoot needs your help to crash through extinction with Zoos Victoria.
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Recent votes

Beth Valentine gave $20 and voted for Donate blood
Donna Griffiths gave $10 and voted for Donate blood
“Good luck with your fundraising, Heidi. A good cause! Hope the "blood donation" option wins - that way, you contribute to TWO good causes. :)”
Elizabeth Castle gave $10 and voted for Donate blood
“Mmm which option ? I tried not to be too hard on you Heidi xx”
Renee gave $20 and voted for Hold a huntsman
acacia gave $10 and voted for Hold a huntsman
Michelle Coleman gave $20 and voted for Donate blood
“Good for you Heidi - I chose challenge #1, as you will be helping those in need as well as the bandicoots. xx”
Zoey gave $5 and voted for Donate blood
“Voting blood cause it also helps others while you're also helping th bandicoot ❤️ Awesome stuff Heids, wish I could donate more for ya ”