Giselle Vincent

Giselle Vincent’s pledge

I will either shave head, do a fun run or quit coffee for 3 months. Help me by voting for what I should do.

Do a fun run

Quit coffee for 3 months

Shave my head

Voting has closed. The winning challenge is Do a fun run.

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Giselle is raising money to support the Eastern Bettong. Voting is now closed.

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Giselle has pledged to complete the most popular challenge — Do a fun run.

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Recent votes

Jenny Ford gave $20 and voted for Shave my head
Sebastian Burgess gave $30 and voted for Do a fun run
The Hanigan family gave $20 and voted for Shave my head
“Goodluck! ”
Kate Eddy
Kate Eddy gave $20 and voted for Quit coffee for 3 months
Beverly Waldie gave $20 and voted for Shave my head
“Sorry Selle ... but Joyce does make great beanies 😂”
Rosemary Hollow gave $50 and voted for Do a fun run
“I figured this would be easier than going without coffee or shaving your head!”