Viruses on the edge

Why is a cybersecurity company and a wildlife protection company working together?

Because both ESET and Edge Pledge fix environments so the native animals that live in them can thrive; that means people online and wildlife offline.

ESET one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies, saw that there was a great synergy with what Edge Pledge who have a mutual love of technology, killing viruses, supporting the environment and doing fun things.

By partnering with Edge Pledge, ESET is offering their customers the opportunity to be part of a grander cause, connecting them with the value of environmental and animal protection. These types of partnerships with Edge Pledge are limitless in their potential and ESET has shown how easy it is for all businesses to be part of the solution to global issues, as well as offering great products and services. After this partnership was born, we were able to identify interesting similarities in the world of viruses.

Viruses are a natural feature of the environment and are one of the reasons our wildlife are on the edge of extinction. Viruses are also a menace in the virtual world – we all know the feeling when you almost accidently click on an email that says “Your $35m inheritance has arrived”.

A biological virus reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to reproduce thousands of identical copies rapidly. Similarly, a computer virus is a piece of code that replicates itself.

An example of an infamous computer virus is ILOVEYOU, which was released in 2000. By some estimates it caused as much as US $10 billion in damages worldwide, and was believed to have infected 10% of the world’s Internet-connected computers. The two Filipino programmers who created the virus were never actually charged, as there were no local laws addressing such cybercrimes then. They sent a love confession in the email, which looked legit back in 2000, but once clicked the virus was activated.

There are bunches of viruses which affect our native wildlife too. You may find a lot of the information you need to understand the viruses that go around and their impact with the Wildlife Health Australia. But in summary viruses knock around our loved wildlife such bats, koalas, birds, whales, dolphins, seals and lizards

The offline viruses that affect the wildlife are naturally developed andcan be brought in by feral animals, whereas the viruses on your computer are created by rebellious kids or professionals who enjoy causing trouble for others to get back at the world.

Writing viruses is not that hard a thing to do and it does not take much skill for a novice programmer to write a virus.


How do the viruses compare?

How they work


Biological viruses infect their hosts after they enter the host bodies and penetrate appropriate host cells where the virus use the host cell’s resources to replicate and expand their population.


Analogously, when executed, computer viruses infect computers by using the host computer’s resources to make copies of themselves.

Damage they cause


Cause damage to the organ or system which may be reversible (as in case of Hepatitis A, Flu) or lifelong irreversible (i.e. Poliomyelitis, Rabies or Hepatitis C viruses)


Cause damage to the system or component of the computer which they infect and can overload system memory, cause a system crash or the permanent loss files.



Many biological viruses are preventable by being vaccinated against them. Vaccines help the host develop immunity against the occurrence of the disease.


Virus protection software is what you need a dose of. We know some great people who can help with that!

What you can do to be protected from viruses?

We have found two ways you can protect the world from viruses:

  1. Do a challenge with Edge Pledge to raise funds to bring wildlife back from the brink and eliminate the viruses that affect a lot of them

  2. Buy anti-virus protection from ESET in order to protect your computer plus ESET are donating funds to us every time a licence is purchased! 2. Buy antivirus protection from ESET in order to protect your computer plus ESET is donating funds to Edge Pledge every time a licence is purchased!

So get out there and protect yourself, your family and wildlife from the perils of viruses. Don’t be scared, there are great people at ESET and Edge Pledge who can help you the whole way.