Running the Great Ocean Road 1/2 Marathon for Manta Ray.

Andrea Haas is another heroic brave soul who finished her edge pledge challenge to help the Manta Ray. She asked her friends, would they rather make her eat a whole Carolina reaper (world's hottest chili pepper), or go vegan for three months or run the great ocean road 1/2 marathon on May 21, 2017.

And Andrea's winning challenge is complete the most popular challenge — Run the Great Ocean Road 1/2 marathon on May 21, 2017 and she delivered!! Below are her thoughts about the challenge.

Why did you do it?

"Well, I ran a ½ marathon 14 years ago, and so I thought this would definitely be a challenge for me to try one again."

What wildlife did you help bring back from the edge?

"I opted to raise money for the manta ray, this ray (along with other rays in the Mobulidae family) are sought after for their gills in traditional medicines, and this unsustainable fishing has driven them to the brink. "

What was the biggest life-changing moment?
"When? Ever? For me?"

What would you never do again?

“never do again”…? I would never regret the choices I’ve made in life. Regret is a useless emotion."

Who will you challenge next?

"Oooooh, my significant other I suppose. He was actually my training partner and ran the race with me, so I reckon he’s game to do it again, and this time raise some money for a good cause!"