Online courses to learn about the environment

Many of us care about the environment but feel kind of helpless, it’s easy enough to spot issues but hard to know exactly what you can do. Some environmental issues are complicated, as are their respective solutions. What you can do is educate yourself and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming commitment either. There are plenty of online courses you can take to arm yourself with a wealth of information, varying from short, free MOOC courses (that’s a Massive Online Open Course) to full degrees, depending on the amount time and money you’re able to invest. Even if you’re strapped for time and cash there’s something you can do. We’ve compiled an overview of a few popular online courses here to help you decide.

Responsible Resource Development at the University of Queensland
UQ has great resources for anyone research-inclined but the beauty of their Responsible Resource Development courses is that they’re offered externally so you don’t have to be in Brisbane to be able to attend. The content is offered in post-grad packages, from a Graduate Certificate to a full Master’s degree so it’s perfect for those of you that already have a degree that you want to build on. It’s on the pricier side though, with fees starting at around AUD 12,000 but FEE-Help is available.

Global Energy and Climate Policy at SOAS University of London via Coursera
Coursera is one of the biggest organisations providing MOOCs to online students worldwide. They’re free but you often have to pay a smaller fee if you actually want a certificate at the end of your course.
U of L is a highly regarded school when it comes to environmental science and this MOOC lets you audit a popular course that focusses on the pragmatic aspects of negating climate change, like policy and government-led initiatives. It’s a great course for someone who wants to learn from the best but doesn’t have time or money to attend uni. It’s a good starting point if you’re trying to decide what direction you want to take in your studies.

Biology or Environmental Science through Open Universities Australia
Open Universities Australia provides a broad range of online courses, including separate Bachelor-level courses you can take if you don’t want to commit to an entire degree. There’s everything from introductory Environmental Biology courses to Global and Regional Sustainability. You can also do your entire Bachelor degree through them, and they offer a selection of degrees from respected Australian universities like University of South Australia and RMIT.
Going through Open Universities Australia makes it easier to find online offerings since it’s all curated in one place but the selection is limited so it’s still worth checking if the school you’re interested in offers online or external courses.

Many TAFE school around Australia also have a few options for those wanting to study environmental science or related subjects and they can be a good option if you’d prefer to spend a couple of months rather than years studying. So there are a fair few choices out there if you’re looking for a great course on the environment.