Edge Pledge TV Episode 8

This episode Sam Marwood talks about:

  1. Our target for 2nd challenge season: We want to get 10 challengers for each of our environmental partners. That’s it. Completely achievable and we would love your help to take on a challenge and share Edge Pledge with your friends.

  2. Nominate challenges for your friend: You might not be aware that we have a great feature on our home page where you can send three challenges directly to your friends via Facebook! https://www.edgepledge.com/challenge-...

  3. Volunteers: We have had so many people apply for volunteering with Edge Pledge via www.vollie.com.au. There is so much love from people out there who want to help the planet. We are so excited. More opportunities online as well - content creators, UX, helping us to love on our challengers.

  4. Gearing up for 2nd challenge season: We are working on media releases, stunts to do on 7 September (Threatened Species Day), celebrities to get on board and getting our environment partner’s followers on board. We want to get the general public excited, you our followers excited and our environment partner follower’s excited.

  5. Mt Rothwell: Heading to Mt Rothwell tomorrow who are one of our environment partners. They are doing some amazing things bringing the Bandicoot, Eastern Quoll and Southern Brushtail Rock Wallaby off the edge. In a predator proof property. They have cracked the ability to breed endangered animals. So I’ll do an update from there.