Edge Pledge TV Episode 4

Welcome to our weekly update on all things fun, wildlife and challenges. Sam takes you behind the scenes of Edge Pledge. This week:
1. How much did we raise for wildlife in 2016/17? $34K!
2. Show some love to your favourite environmental partner
3. Interviews we've made with environmental champions

Other stuff that is happening:
a) 1617 review
1. $34,000 raised
2. $4600 was highest individual raise
3. $3400 raised per environmental partner
4. $371 per challenge4
5. 1000 donations
6. Just under 100 challengers
7. 10 environmental partners supported
8. 16 wildlife helped

b) Edge Pledge TV interview series kicks off - End Extinction International founder Tahnee Barnes and one of the world’s few wildlife comedians Darren Lever.

c) Support your favourite environmental organisation this challenge season.

d) Weekend Sunrise Hosts will hopefully do their challenge this weekend

e) This week - preparing for our challenge season in August and September which involves updating our communications documents and plans.