Edge Pledge TV Episode 29

The weekly Edge Pledge update is here. Welcome to Edge Pledge TV episode 29 where we take you deep into the world of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way. This episode Sam Marwood, Founder, talks about our schools 50/50 pilot launch in 2018

  1. Schools feedback We are contacting as many schools as we possibly can to find out who is interested in taking part in our pilot in March 2018.

The way it will work is that kids, teachers and parents do a challenge, and 50% of funds go to the school and 50% to local wildlife projects. We have a kids challenge generator so we can find age appropriate challenges for the students easily and we are supplying a years worth of environment-focused curriculum to schools that sign up.

  1. What schools need to do to sign up
    Basically they just need to get comfortable with how this will work, think about how they can integrate it into their programs. Then we sign a fundraising agreement that our environment partners have all signed, setup a payment gateway so all funds go straight to them, load up their school on our system and it's all ready to go.

  2. Technical details of the website.
    The way you will be able to pick a school to fundraise will be straight forward. When you have picked your challenges, it then will ask for the school you want to fund. The school will be automatically linked to a wildlife project and the funds will automatically be split when donations come in.

  3. Getting wildlif experts to come to your school
    We are working with WildlifeXposure to offer the abiity for schools to have wildlife and wildlife experts come to the school as part of you doing your Edge Pledge. We love what these guys do and are pumped that this could be another way that we can get kids excited about nature.

  4. Next steps

  5. We are continuing to call as many schools as possible

  6. refine our communications material

  7. finalise website

  8. media and how we help each school to promote