Edge Pledge TV Episode 27

The weekly Edge Pledge update is here. Welcome to Edge Pledge TV episode 27 where we take you deep into the plains grassy woodland of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way. This episode Sam Marwood, Founder, talks about:

  1. 50/50 progress This is our new additional model where schools and community groups can take on challenges, with 50% going to the school and 50% to a local environment project.

We are building our list of schools to get on board
The website update is coming along in the background
We are creating our communications material
We are hopefully going to secure a grant to help us to make this happen

Timelines are to have schools on board around Christmas to then take on challenges in January/February.

  1. Activating environment lovers We are excited with the concept of activating people who love the environment to do even more to help. We know there aren’t many tangible things you can do to help, and we want to find more and promote them.

We have recently been thinking around the concept of equity crowdfunding. Where you can purchase equity into a business and be a shareholder. This would work really well for conservation focused land. We have been investigating equity crowdfunding options and we are also working with impact investors who are purchasing conservation land to look after it in conjunction with organic and regenerative farming methods in order to ensure it is a financially sustainable solution.

Imagine if we could support the public to invest in prime conservation land that generated a return for you and lead to improvements in the land. Maybe even you could go out there and stay in a tiny house and holiday on your piece of conserved nature land. We are going to keep pursuing this and many other ideas on how we can activate you to help our beautiful environment.

  1. Drawdown Talking about great actions we can take to help the environment, I have been reading the recently release book - Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever to reverse global warming. It has a list of 100 things we need to do to reverse global warming.

I love the practical angle that the author Paul Hawken has taken in this - he had a crack at a list which is a great way to get people thinking and investors interested. We know there are people out there who want to invest into conservation and also make a return. Here is a bunch of ways to use business to support our biodiversity.
1 Refrigerant Management
2 Wind Turbines (Onshore)
3 Reduced Food Waste
4 Plant-Rich Diet
5 Tropical Forests
6 Educating Girls
7 Family Planning
8 Solar Farms
9 Silvopasture Food
10 Rooftop Solar

You can see the full list here - http://www.drawdown.org/solutions-summa…