Edge Pledge TV Episode 22

It is that time of the week again. You guessed it, Edge Pledge TV. Welcome to episode 22 where we take you deep into the open-woodland forest of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way. This episode Sam Marwood talks about:

  1. What is next for Edge Pledge? We are moving ahead with our modified approach for raising funds. We are still keeping the core concepts of Edge Pledge, and will have our challenge season each August/September, but we are going to offer the opportunity for schools and community groups to use Edge Pledge to raise funds.

I have spoken about this before; it is a concept we are calling 50/50 for now. Where 50% of funds go to a school and 50% to wildlife.

We are updating the website at the moment to make this happen and also getting a few schools on board to help with the trial later this year. So if you are part of a school or community group and like the sound of this, please get in touch.

We think this concept will help address some of the lessons we have learnt; i.e. that people want to donate to human causes more than environmental. So if we can throw in a human element, we think this will also benefit our wildlife.

In conjunction we are going to offer a years worth of environment-focused curriculum through our mates at My Green World who provide this service across the country. So kids will be able to raise money for their school, local wildlife, have fun and also learn about our environment. Seems pretty good to us!

  1. Other ways to get more funding in for the environment We are also hanging around with lots of inspiring people who are looking at other ways to find funding needed to support our environment. In particular impact investors. These are people who want to invest into projects and businesses that do good for the environment but also make return.

We are working with one in particular who has been a massive supporter of ours and we wouldn’t have been able to keep going without his support. We are working behind the scenes to utilise Edge Pledge as one of many ways to increase funding in the sector and to inspire action from the public to help out our wildlife. I will provide more of an update on this as things progress

  1. Funds raised update
    We are $200 off $20,000. As a few challenges are still completing. Mine is still to finish as well. So I am hopeful we will easily get over that number by next week. You can still donate as well even after voting has finished.

  2. Challenge completion update
    If you are a challenger, please remember to organise for the completion of your challenge. I know Jarrod reviewed the Emoji film and is recording his review at the moment, so I can’t wait to share that.

  3. Where I am drawing inspiration
    I have been listening to the audio book of Chapter 1 by Thankyou. These guys are such an inspiration. They kept going after so many set backs. Now they are nearly a household name and they are doing great things for people in need across the world.

This is how we are approaching Edge Pledge. We know we are on a winner with the concept, but it takes time for things to get traction. Which is why we are persisting and trying new things. So thanks to Dan and the team for being such a great example.