Edge Pledge TV Episode 20

It is that time of the week again. You guessed it, Edge Pledge TV. Welcome to episode 20.

  1. Pledges and votes
    We have 70 pledges loaded and raised $17,140. This is our final week of our second challenge season. We have been pumped to see so many new people take on challenges this season and the fun way they have approached it.

  2. Challenges that are ready to go - thanks for voting
    Did you know that you can still donate as well! How awesome

A whole bunch of challenges have been decided! I wanted to list a few. Some gold here:
a) Tough Mudder - Zara Bending
b) Swim in a onesie - Sam Niedra
c) Racing daughter on 800m track - Renay Gamble
d) Exercise for 20 mins each day for month - Amanda Alldrick’s
e) 100 push ups a day for a month - Phil McKeague
f) Run 5km each day for a month - Sebastian Burgess
g) Swim 10 laps of pool each morning for a month - Kate Eddy
h) Busk for a night - Jesse Holden
i) Parquor - Tahnee Barnes End Extinction International
j) Bike in to work for a week - Jonathan Duddles
k) Watch the Emoji film - Jarrod Milani
l) Not talk for a week - Alexia Karatasas
m) Reinact 5 Anne Gedde’s photos - Darren Lever
n) Photograph a different animal each day for a month - Claire Bensted
o) 5 video tutorials - Isaac Busuttil
p) Carry a teddy around for a week - Freya Fogliani

  1. How your donations are being spent - Greening Australia
    Greening Australia have two projects with us - Tasmanian Devil and Coral in the Great Barrier Reef.
    Tasmanian Devil: Revegetation and restoration is underway on 450ha of degraded land that will buffer and connect high quality native vegetation remnants to provide habitat for Tasmainan Devils and other small to medium sized mammals. We plan to undertake work on a further 550ha, ultimately resulting in the restoration of a total of 1000ha of native woodlands and grasslands.
    Reed Aid – Coral support: Wetland remediation works are currently underway at Mungalla wetlands in QLD to further reduce sediment run-off and improve water quality.

  2. How your donations are being spent - @albury Conservation Company
    We are really excited to report that 42 Squirrel Glider nest boxes purchased with donations from our 2016 Edge Pledge campaign have now been installed around Albury NSW. Thurgoone Mens Shed have been building them with the support of Albury City and of course our mates at the Albury Conservation Company.
    This was from 7 extinction fighters and over 90 kind people who donated their hard-earned dollars! These nest boxes have been purpose-built especially for this threatened species using high quality materials, and have been placed along roadsides where our recent mapping has discovered sites with low numbers of hollow-bearing trees. We are really confident that these nest boxes will provide much needed additional housing, and we can't wait to share photos once they start becoming occupied in a couple of months time.

  3. Night Parrot and Wildlife comedian Darren Lever
    I had a chat with our resident funny man and wildlife champion, Darren Lever. We focused on the recent sighting of Night Parrot feathers. These are one only two ground dwelling parrots and they are in real trouble because they run along the ground - the same spot that foxes and feral cats roam. Have a squiz here https://www.youtube.com/watch…

  4. What is next?
    We have been devising a concept that could take Edge Pledge to the next level. We are working out the legal requirements, how we update the website, and also lining up a few participatory organisations.
    The concept will be that schools and community groups take on Edge Pledge - but this time 50% of funds go to them and 50% to a local cause.
    What do you think?
    We believe this will be a fun way to engage kids to support the school, to fundraise in a different way for the school and connect the kids to a local wildlife project.
    We are also partnering with My Green World who have curriculum for students in primary and secondary school focused on the environment and wildlife. So we can ensure kids learn as they have fun.
    I also want to recognise our web developer Andrew Croome who has worked tirelessly for little reward with our website which we love!