Edge Pledge TV Episode 19

This episode Sam Marwood talks about:
1. We have hit the $14,000 mark
2. Vote now as voting period ends for many people
3. Leading pledges

  1. Pledges and votes
    We have 65 pledges loaded and raised $14,000. We have 2 weeks left of September which will be the end of our second challenge season.

  2. Jump on and vote
    Make sure you jump on and vote for friends and family who have signed up - just before their pledge finishes! There are a stack of challenges who have their 4 week voting period coming to an end. The perfect time to influence the challenge!

  3. Leading pledges
    Zara Bending is out front now - nearly at $2,000.
    Jez Alex is approaching $1000
    Our wildlife comedian friend Darren Lever has nearly hit $500
    And Sam Marwood - co-founder is also nearly at the $500 mark.