Edge Pledge TV episode 18

This episode Sam Marwood talks about:
1. The best ways to promote your pledge
2. Help us to spread the word
3. A completed challenge

  1. We have 61 pledges loaded and raised $11,845. We have 3 weeks left of September which will be the end of our second challenge season.

  2. Promoting your pledge
    If you are one of the 61 champions, please keep following up with your friends and family and asking them to vote. We know this is the best way of getting your votes cranking. Inspire them to determine your fate. We find emailing, texting and messaging on Facebook are the best methods.

  3. Challenges loaded up
    We have had a couple of teams loaded up - one is from the Vic state government and another is a local council team. Joint challenges coming up! Also we have a wildlife expert up in Wodonga Victoria taking on a challenge and obviously his mates are loving it as he is already raised several hundred dollars.

  4. Share our content to help spread the word
    We are calling on you our followers to help us spread the word. It makes a massive difference when you like and share our content. So we are asking that you continue to do that so that we can get the attention of the public and corporates in order for them to jump on board.

  5. EarthWatch Ball
    Sam had the pleasure of going to the EarthWatch Ball on Friday. I met some corporates who love backing the environment and they gave me some great feedback on Edge Pledge so we are really hopeful they will take it on. I also got to teach Isaac Busuttil, our 8 year old ambassador, how to do the moon walk. A great night by the EarthWatch team - it is their big fundraising drive for the year and we are pumped that we are another great way for them to help support their great work.

  6. Competed challenge - shaving head
    Paul Mervin raised over $3,000 for the Eastern Quoll and Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre.
    His winning challenge was to shave his head and have yellow spots - just like the quoll.
    He went to Mt Rothwell the other day and completed the challenge. He hasn’t been to a hair dressers for 30 years! Amazing.