Edge Pledge TV Episode 17

Welcome to episode 17 of Edge Pledge TV. This is where we take you deep into the jungle of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way. This episode Sam Marwood talks about:
1. 53 pledges loaded - over half the number from 2016
2. National Threatened Species day - Thursday 7 September
3. Sustainable Business Australia

  1. We have 53 pledges loaded and raised $9500. The average donation is $30, the smallest has been $2 and the biggest $1000. We are now in September and this is our big push to the public to get them to take on challenges.

  2. National Threatened Species Day 7 September: In two days! This is a great day for us - it is a great way to get attention for our wildlife. We are also excited that we have something that is really tangible for anyone to do to help out. We have sent out media releases to hundreds of media outlets and hopefully that helps us to get traction and attention. Sam has a live interview with ABC North East Victoria in the morning which should be fun. We know our environment partners are all doing something big for the day and also that a lot of them will then really turn their attention to Edge Pledge and activate their followers and partners. So exciting times ahead still.

  3. Creative challenges:

  4. Make and wear a suit made of plastic marine debris into Hobart on a Saturday

  5. Unicycle from the ferry to the neck in a rainbow lorikeet costume

  6. Shave/Wax from the neck down

  7. Explain quantum physics through interpretive dance

  8. Rename pet

  9. Leading pledges: Paul Mervin $2465, Zara Bending, $1530, Alexia Karatasas $510

  10. Sustainable Business Australia: I am meeting with the CEO of Sustainable Business Australia. This is a bunch of organisations across the country who love biodiversity. So our hope is that because they want to do something good for the environment, that they will absolutely love Edge Pledge. We would love their bosses and staff to take on a challenge and even get their customers activated. I’ll keep you posted on how we go.