Edge Pledge TV episode 16

Welcome to episode 16 of Edge Pledge TV. This is where we take you deep into the jungle of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way. This episode Sam Marwood talks about:
1. 43 pledges loaded - nearly half of our numbers from 2016
2. Now that we have launched…
3. Corporates getting involved

  1. We have 43 pledges loaded and raised $7000. This is great for our first three weeks. As we just wanted to get the ball rolling before our big public push and publicity drive that started last Friday.

We know there are plenty more of you out there who love wildlife and are maybe sitting on the fence. We would love you to take on a challenge. It’s not about doing anything stupid or looking like a fool, it’s about having a bit of fun and demonstrating the Australia that there is a simple way to help out wildlife on the edge.

  1. Launch event at Melbourne Zoo. Thanks to everyone who shared our launch video on Friday. It was such a great event - we have such great supporters in our environment partners and they have a big reach across Australia. So we wanted to leverage that. Our environment partners are now working to engage their followers and corporate sponsors to activate them in September and for threatened species day on 7 September.

I was nervous before the event, but felt really comfortable once up there - Darren Lever did an amazing job and want to thank him for taking a day off work at Healesville sanctuary to MC the event.

We loved how this worked, and we think we will do similar Facebook Live events from here on in.

  1. The challenges people are selecting:
    Eat a different insect each week
    Take on tough mudder
    Get a hair cut after 30 years
    Not talk for a week
    Reinact 5 Anne Gedde’s photos
    Swin in a Squirrel Glider Onesie
    Make music with recycled instruments
    Go without makeup for a week
    Give as many high five’s as possible at the local shop
    Watch and critique the aweful emoji film.

  2. Qantas and EarthWatch: Cass Nichols, CEO of EarthWatch, announced during the launch that Qantas are on board for Edge Pledge. This is massive. We need some corporates on board to demonstrate how fun it is to have challenges voted for my staff and customers. We are looking forward to supporting EarthWatch and getting the most out of Edge Pledge for Qantas and other corporates. If you work for a business that might want to be involved, please get in touch.