Edge Pledge TV episode 15

Welcome to episode 15 of Edge Pledge TV. This is where we take you deep into the jungle of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way. This episode Sam Marwood talks about:
1. 29 pledges have been loaded.
2. Share out Live Simulcast Launch Event this Friday
3. Landcare Australia are our newest partners

  1. We have 29 pledges loaded and raised $5285. This is great for our first two weeks. As we just wanted to get the ball rolling before our big public push and publicity drive at the end of this week. We know there are plenty more of you out there who love wildlife and are maybe sitting on the fence. We would love you to take on a challenge. It’s not about doing anything stupid or looking like a fool, it’s about having a bit of fun and demonstrating the Australia that there is a simple way to help out wildlife on the edge.

  2. Public launch this Friday 25 August: The live video simulcast on Facebook is going ahead this Friday. So good. We will be at Melbourne Zoo and we have our MC, Darren Lever, who is a wildlife comedian who will interview myself, CEOs of Zoos Victoria, Earthwatch Australia Conservation Volunteers Australia, Greening Australia, and also champions from The Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Isaac our 8 year old ambassador will be there and also we get to see a Eastern Barred Bandicoot and the amazing Southern Corroboree frog. Our other environment partners will be sharing on their page Mt Rothwell - Biodiversity Interpretation Centre Landcare Australia Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group Taronga Zoo Albury Conservation Company SEA LIFE Trust ANZ

  3. Please share the live feed: We go live at 9:30am and we are asking that everyone please jump on and share the live feed. All our environment partners will be and we ask that you do too. We want this to really get the attention of Australia.

  4. New wildlife to help save - The Swift Parrot and Koala: We have loaded a couple of new wildlife with Earthwatch Australia yesterday which is exciting.

a) Swift Parrot - Beautiful birds but a recent population analysis model predicted that the population will decline by an average of 87% over the next 15 years without increased conservation efforts.

b) Koala - They are actually on the vulnerable list in Qld, NSW and ACT which is crazy that our national emblem is struggling. Who wouldn’t want to back our beautiful koalas.

  1. Landcare Australia are our 11th environment partner. How great is that. This organisation is iconic and we grew up when Landcare first started to take off and so to be a small part of their continued success is very exciting

  2. Comedian wildlife interviews: We are sharing our comedian wildlife interviews over the past week and will continue to. We filmed these for the launch of Edge Pledge this time last year and was just so pumped that 8 comedians were so generous with their time and talents to throw some laughter on our wildlife on the edge. Please share to help us get the word out about how fun it can be to save our wildlife. Watch them all here www.edgepledge.com/videos

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