Edge Pledge TV episode 13

  1. Got a good feeling about this year: We have a great vibe about what is in store over the next 2 months for our challenge season. Our environment partners are getting excited to activate their followers to do a challenge. I think everyone understands the concepts of Edge Pledge better and can really see the value in engaging their followers and to show you can have fun and save the planet. This vibe will definitely give us the energy to get through the next two months.

  2. Targeting 30 people for each environment partner: We found that people who were encouraged to do a challenge by someone were more likely to follow through and setup a pledge. So we are in the process of contacting 30 people, hand-picked by our environment partners, to ask them to take on a challenge.

  3. What we are aiming for in August: We are launching softly in August so we can build momentum into September when we will try to get the broader public on board. Our focus is to encourage followers of our environment partners to take on a challenge and get pledges loaded so that when we go to the media they will see we are already having a stack of fun.

  4. Load your pledge this Saturday: The Edge Pledge team will have their pledges loaded this coming Saturday. Have you thought about what your challenge would be? We are tapping a few of our friends and family on the shoulder to take on pledge and we’d love you our followers to sign up early and help us build that momentum we need.

  5. The Simulcast Facebook Live launch event: We are ploughing ahead with a Facebook Live Simulcast event on 25 August. This could be such a great way to get attention from over 1,000,000 Facebook followers which is the combined total of all our environment partners. It will only 5 minutes but should have a big impact because Facebook prioritises Facebook Live videos and you get a notification if you follow the organisation doing the live broadcast. We are working on the technical details of how you simulcast, but we think we have a solution.

  6. Another environment partner: It looks like we are about to secure our 13th environment partner. That is 3 more in the past couple of weeks. We are still signing paper work but very excited to announce all 3 really well known and loved organisations soon.

  7. Known challengers: It sounds like a few of the head honchos of our environment organisations are going to be taking on a challenge - that is the word on the street and that is awesome. Also we are talking to some of Australia’s premier environmental scientists to encourage them to take on a challenge - they are interested and now we just have to nurse them over the line to load their pledge!

  8. Challenge-loving company is backing us: We are excited that soon we can announce a great organisation who love putting people on the edge will be a corporate backer of ours. Such a well aligned company and there will be some great benefits for our challengers coming out of this. I’ll announce soon.

  9. Sam presented at his old work place: I had the chance to chat to staff from the Wodonga office of the Victorian Department of Environment Land Water and Planning - where I used to work. I spoke about Edge Pledge and how I got the courage to start it and quit my job to take it on full speed ahead. I recorded the video and will share soon. I am definitely happy I took the leap - it has been hard, but so many exciting things are happening because of Edge Pledge that every day is exciting. I’ll start revealing all these other opportunities soon.