Edge Pledge TV Episode 12

Two new environment partners: Had great discussions with two big named environment organisations this week who can’t wait to sign up. We are getting documents signed, so I don’t want to preempt this. But you will definitely know them and you will be just as excited as us to have them on board.

Launching 12 August: Edge Pledge’s second challenge season start on Saturday 12 August. We are focusing on getting 30 followers from each of our environment partners loaded. Then we will push to the public over the coming weeks. We are building momentum to have some sort of stunt on Threatened Species day and build the number of challengers up by the end of September.

Facebook Live Activation Event 25 August: We are looking to do a 5 minute Australia activation Facebook Live simulated launch on Friday 25 August. We think this is awesome. We will simulcast on Facebook Live on all our environment partners Facebook pages. We are securing a celebrity to interview CEOS, challengers, Sam, and a wildlife expert. The message will be that Australia’s premier environment organisations are banding together to activate Australian’s to take action. More details to come.

Ambassador kit: We have refining an ambassador kit for anyone who wants to champion Edge Pledge at their work place, Uni or school. We have a few people signed up already. But if you want to see your friends talk on a challenge, get in touch and let’s have some fun.

Wildlife you can support: You can help the Coral in the Great Barrier Reef. It is actually an animal and we have all heard that it is struggling. So we are backing Greening Australia to do some work up in the waterways that feed into the Ocean to stop erosion which is causing sedimentation and contributing to the bleaching. This is a super practical project and will go a long way to helping our Icon. Find our more here https://www.edgepledge.com