Edge Pledge TV Episode 11

This episode Sam Marwood talks about:
1. How much we appreciate our 10 environment partners
2. A launch event simulcast by Facebook Live across the country
3. Who are the Edge Pledge team

  1. Squirrel glider country: Sam is filming this from Albury in NSW and is on the edge of the Squirrel Glider range - a possum that is in trouble because of human development. The Albury Conservation Company are doing great work trying to get the balance right between homes for us and homes for the Glider. Just another animal you can back through Edge Pledge. https://www.edgepledge.com/wildlife-p...

  2. New env partners: We have been talking to a couple of great wildlife organisations in SA and Tasmania and hopefully we will be able to get them on board in the next month. We would love to chat to any environment organisation in Australia and help them raise funds and awareness. There is something like 6000 environment-focused NFPs and we have 10 partners at the moment.

  3. Who are the people behind Edge Pledge: Nadia Nath, Carys Evans, Dan Eason and Sam Marwood. Nadia and Carys work for the Victorian government in the Environment department which is where I worked alongside them for many years. And Dan Eason is an accountant working in a big sky scraper in Melbourne - where the other two live as well. We have received funding from The Earth Welfare Foundation to get everything setup and now we have a great website and momentum for us to expand and grow our reach and impact for wildlife. We got together back in 2014 to kick the idea around and are pretty stoked with how things have gone and where we are heading.

  4. Chasing up challengers: We are still getting in touch with those who have had their voting closed but haven’t finished their challenge. So be on the look out - if you’ve been amazing enough to sign up and raise funds, we’re going to be in touch so we can share the joy of your challenge!

  5. Blog: We have some amazing people helping write content for Edge Pledge. These are some volunteers we were able to snaffle through www.vollie.com.au. Here is one article just setting the scene for our environment.

  6. Our corporate sponsors - ESET. When you buy their virus protection software for your computer you can choose for ESET to back Edge Pledge. So we strongly recommend you protect your computer and back wildlife even more - go here

  7. How we are going towards the launch: We have volunteers helping each of our environment partners. The aim is to directly contact 30 of each of our partners most devoted followers and encourage them to take on a challenge. We are giving individual love to each and everyone of them to show them how much we think our extinction fighters are awesome. You might be one of them!

  8. Our launch event: Last week I talked about our plan to have a launch event. We’d love your ideas on this. We do a simulcast Facebook Live event. Where all 10 of our environment partners stream a 5 minute video of heads of few environment organisations talking up our desire to get all Australian’s taking on a challenge. We would have an MC and also get some footage of some endangered wildlife. What do you think!? We will have to check how technically feasible this is - we have reached out to Facebook to see if it can be done.

  9. Appreciative of our 10 partners: I just wanted to mention how much we appreciate our 10 environment partners. They have had the courage to work with us from the start. To take a risk on a new concept is a big step and we love them for it. We have had some great discussions this past month about the second challenge season and there is a real vibe that everyone is pumped. We have been through our first season and we know how this works and so we can be more creative and push harder. So thanks everyone.