Edge Pledge TV ep 34

The weekly Edge Pledge update is here. Welcome to Edge Pledge TV episode 34 where we take you deep into the world of a wildlife-fundraising platform and we unpack all we are doing as we try to end extinction with you and have some laughs along the way.

  1. 50/50 progress We are working on the backend of our new 50/50 program where schools and community groups can use Edge Pledge to raise money for themselves (50% of funds raised) and support local wildlife (50%).

This week we are chasing up the 20 schools from across Australia who said they were keen to get cracking with the pilot in March. School is back and we are reinvigorated to make 50/50 a success.

Our mates at End Extinction International, Landcare Australia and My Green World are also helping us to find great schools to work with across the country.

If you are involved with a school that is looking for a new fun way to raise funds and loves the idea of supporting local wildlife as well, then please reach out.

We are finalising our promotion material and will share this soon as well. We are also making a bunch of videos to help explain how Edge Pledge works.

  1. CEO of Zoos Victoria is taking on a challenge This is so good. Jenny Gray has taken the Edge Pledge!

Here are her challenges
1. Zoo presenter for the day
2. Animal face painter for the day
3. Blow bubbles for an entire AFL game

Go here to vote now.

This is such a great thing for Edge Pledge as we are showing environment organisations that what we are doing is a fun way to get your bosses taking on challenges and raising funds, and also get attention from followers and media.

  1. Green Heroes I had a chat with Sarah who runs Green Heroes near the Gold Coast. They are all about educating the next generation about how great our environment is and getting them to take action. We are looking to see how we can support Green Heroes.

This is a call out to any other organisation out there that focuses on educating kids about our environment, that we are here to help raise funds for you.

Through 50/50 we can raise funds for local wildlife as well as for your organisation to keep educating the next germination.

  1. Comedian videos Did you know that we had comedians interviewed as wildlife?

We are so proud of the interviews that we setup with our mate Ash London.

We took inspiration from Clarke and Dawe and tried to throw a fun light on extinction

Please jump to this link to watch them all - www.edgepledge.com/videos

Here are the comedians we interviewed:

a) Rove McMannus - Bilby
b) Tommy Little - Eastern Quoll
c) Tegan Higginbotham - Eastern Barred Bandicoot
d) Claire Hooper - Coral
e) Cal Wilson - Manta Ray
f) David Quirk - Squirrel Glider
g) Dailan Evans - Chimpanzee