Edge Pledge Episode 10

This episode Sam Marwood talks about:

  1. Launch event: We are doing some planning on a launch event at an iconic location in Melbourne, with a handful of our environment partners, some celebs and challengers. This will be a great way for us to get some media attention. Send through ideas of what we could do to make a big splash!

  2. Shout out to people who did their challenge: Erin from EarthWatch did a sky dive! Watched the footage the other day and it is brilliant! That was a challenge that I could have done as part of my challenge and I am very glad it didn’t win! What a champ you are Andrea - the Manta Ray loves you.

  3. Western Australia biolinks: Sam had the pleasure of spending a whole day driving around the south of Western Australia with Keith Brady, who is the CEO of Gondwana Link. This is an ambitious project to connect over 1000km of land with bush. Edge Pledge is focused on wildlife, but you can’t have animals without habitat - they go hand in hand. So we are fascinated by these landscape scale projects and wanted to find out more. We are building a relationship with these inspiring people and keep a look out for some fun opportunities coming up over the next year.

  4. Wildlife you can support: Eastern Quoll. These beautiful creatures are being looked after by the clever people at Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre, an hour west of Melbourne. It is a 400acre predator proof enclosure. I went there the other day and it is just amazing to see how our wildlife can thrive when the biggest threats - cats and foxes and rabbits - are removed.

The Eastern Quoll is a marsupial and they eat a lot of insects, birds, frogs and even snakes. They also scavenge dead animals and they only live for a few years, which is sad!