Click and Save Your Computer and Wlidlife

Look how cute these Squirrel Gliders are!

Can you believe they are on the edge of extinction?!

Fortunately, we have some fantastically dedicated people out there who are doing their best to help.

Now you have an opportunity to help them to help wildlife.

Those awesome ESET folks are helping us to help you and wildlife, all at the same time.

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You need to save your computer from viruses and we all need to help save wildlife from extinction. So let us work together.

ESET have the best software in the world for stopping your computer from rotting from the inside out, so check out ESET, buy the right one for your machine and you are done.

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You’ll have a healthy hard drive and wildlife will be loved just a little more (well at least you’ll be helping Edge Pledge to help them).

Squirrel Glider that needs your help

Even more rewards

Now that you have done a good deed we want to give back even more
1. Watch comedians pretend to be endangered wildlife
2. Look at cute photos of wildlife
3. Challenge your boss to do a funny challenge to save wildlife

We love you

From the ESET and Edge Pledge teams

Just in case you missed it we want to be really transparent. We at Edge Pledge make some money when you purchase ESET software. This helps us keep going and will ensure your donations go that bit further.