Another challenge charity | What is the difference with Edge Pledge?

There is an abundance of environmental not-for-profit charities and organisations these days. When our planet is in a time of such need, it can be hard to decide which charity to donate to. And while we aren’t putting ourselves above any other Aussie charity (we’d love if you donated to any one of them!) we know it’s important to let you guys know why we are so different, and why we can be so beneficial to the environment in our country.

We are:

Focused on the environment

There aren’t any challenge based charities for the environment – we have a unique advantage in this area. Many other charities focus on animals or child welfare, which is a necessity, but we are one of the only environment-based charities around. So if you’re a real green thumb, or just a lover of Mother Earth, we are the right charity for you

Varied in different challenges

Having one challenge to do makes it a simple message, but one dimensional. To attract ongoing interest, we will allow any challenge. The focus on active challenges cuts out a lot of the population who would like to participate. We will support any challenge that anyone is willing to throw our way

Helpful in finding the perfect challenge

Across all charities there is a lack of support for people to find the perfect challenge – they are left to their own devices, or told what they are to do. To make giving more personable, we have developed a challenge generator that no one else has done before. We also offer tailored support to individuals before, during and after their chosen challenge

Leaving it up to you

Many charities offer the chance to decide, but again this is difficult for most people. We will support our challengers in whatever they choose; the decision is entirely up to you

Based on the votes of supporters

No charity offers the chance for the supporters/friends to vote for the challenge completed. We will be the first to let your loved ones choose for you

Inviting you to challenge your friends

Many of the newer challenge charities focus on you challenging friends. This is a fun, interactive way to encourage everyone to get involved and raise awareness for the environment

Hoping you’ll help with the bigger picture

No organisation offers you the ability to go and participate on the site or on the project that your funds raised go to. But we do, and we think this is a big advantage. Not only do you get the satisfaction of donating, but you are able to see where that donation is going

The Mallee Fowl - Photograph Marcia Riederer